teaching at SCD

Impact with my clients

Beth is an inspirational, creative and fun facilitator. She worked with my team at Nike on a programme called Whole Person – a journey to discover not only professional competencies but core values, hopes and dreams. She is a joy to work with and be around.   — Lesley Kavanagh

Having had other career coaches who skewed toward the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” kind of coaching approach, I didn’t know what to expect when I started coaching sessions with Beth. What I experienced was something totally different, and much, much more useful. Beth’s approach was wonderfully authentic, grounded, and personalized to me and my goals. Meeting online and by video-chat was convenient, and surprisingly easy and natural. It’s been months since I last had a coaching session, but I keep coming back to these concepts, ideas, and practices. They are helping me be a better person, partner, parent and pastor. Thank you, Beth!    — Adam Hange

Beth is an amazing coach. She listens incredibly well and always hears what is at the heart of the matter. She is able to focus on what is of deepest significance, and she gives expert feedback. You cannot go wrong with Beth.    — Erin Martin

Beth works with you to help create a shift in your goals and the means by which you strive to achieve them. Beginning with a current way of being metaphor, she helps excavate the beliefs that may only serve to keep you stuck. Gradually, her coaching method helps you shift into a fuller new way of being metaphor, organic to how you move through the world! Beth’s style, like breathing, is easy; but you must make the time to do it! She’s a gifted and empathic coach. — Melissa Sexton, Ph.D., M.Div., L.M.F.T.

Beth provided our team going through transition great insights in self-discovery and awareness to empower team members and team to realize their potential. Beth provides insights with enthusiasm, trust and energy that is critical for a team in transition.   — Lee Bradley

During a reorganization project where multiple, international teams had to merge, Beth did a fantastic job in developing the sense of self awareness to each individual in the team. She encouraged exploration, learning and accepting the others as they are, and contributed to the normalisation of individual differences (crucial when creating a new team). Beth introduced successfully meditation, as an inwards centering and grounding technique in an environment where the culture is focused on the outwards interacting activities. Beth is a very approachable, knowledgeable, confident facilitator and working with her was of great value to the individuals as well as to the team.   — Diana Vilan