I have my professional coach certification with Integral Coaching. This is a coaching methodology developed by Joanne Hunt and Laura Divine, founders of Integral Coaching Canada and based off of contemporary philosopher Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory. This methodology is complex, inclusive and effective.

If you are interested in developing a greater capacity to take more perspectives, create solutions to complex problems, bring more wisdom and deep care to others and be more effective in your mission, this program is for you.  This process empowers you to move beyond repeating patterns that tend to keep you stuck and allows you to experience a renewed sense of purpose.

What this custom designed program includes:

  • An in depth assessment of your current way of being, the strengths and gifts you have to leverage and the ways in which you’re feeling held back or blocked.
  • Developmental Objectives that zero in on specific competencies needed to embody a new way of being that open up new possibilities, build new muscle and help you to achieve your topic.
  • Context specific practices, that we create together, to work with between sessions that enable you to build the muscles to fulfill on your developmental objectives.
  • Two 60-90 minute sessions per month.
  • Accountability and support between sessions

Estimated Cost for 8 to 10 sessions over a 4-5 month period: $5,000 to $6,000

Here is an outline of what to expect with this coaching process.


In our intake conversation we will explore as much about you and your relationship to your topic as we can. We will seek to discover why this topic is so important to you and the kind of transformation you hope to achieve.


The next time we meet after our intake conversation I will offer you a customized coaching program that will  include the specific and clear outcomes you want to achieve. You’ll get a clear understanding of what we’re working on and why. Your involvement with this process will ensure every aspect meets you where you are now and shows you the road map where you want to go.


We will work together via video-conference or phone twice per month. In these sessions we track what you are discovering from the practices you are doing and what we are focusing on in your program. We will develop some next steps and practices to work with. The process is focused and honoring of how you best engage.

In between sessions you will work on the practices that will help you, step by step, to build your capacity to achieve your topic. You’ll also be supported via email to make sure that what we are creating together is effective and supportive for you.


As we near the completion of our four to five month program, we will take note of what has really shifted in you and the momentum that’s been created. Finally, we will look at how to use that momentum to carry you forth beyond the coaching program.