In this time of rapid change and growing complexity it is difficult to find our moorings. We can no longer count on simply replicating processes that worked in the past. Leaders are looked upon to carry more and more of the load while they have fewer resources at their fingertips. This can be a recipe for burnout as highly skilled and well-intentioned leaders wonder if their work is making the kind of impact that they desire. Multiple recent surveys show that people are growing more disengaged with work because they are asked to reach targets that no longer mean anything.

These are the leaders that I love to work with – the ones who want to make a positive impact on the world but feel frustrated as they keep bumping up against patterns that keep them stuck. I believe that any organization can only be as healthy and resilient as its leaders. My coaching focuses on helping leaders to live into their preferred future. I believe that our own development is key to showing up powerfully with skill and grace in the organizations that we lead. This is the ripple effect — a transformed leader transforms organizations.

I’m particularly skilled at being able to listen deeply and discover with you what is currently present and then to help you expand that awareness in order to see different perspectives and options. It is a journey that we take together as we discover what needs to be developed so that you can achieve your goals.

I would be honored to walk with you as you continue your journey of awakening to your unique gifts and strengths and how you can artfully offer them to the world.